Daily Specials

Monday thru Friday Lunch
Any Whole Sub just 5.00
Any half sub including fries and a soda                           5.75
Two slices and a soda                                                  4.25
Personal stromboli with a soda                                     5.50
Spaghetti and meatballs with bread and soda                  8.99
Any large salad, includes bread andsoda                        6.50

Monday thru Thursday Dinner

Lg 3 topping Pizza                                                           16.49
Large pizza and 9wings                                                    14.99
Two medium cheesepizzas                                               13.99
Two large cheese pizzas                                                   17.99

Buy one Lg Pizza and get another Meduim for just 2.00

Sunday All Day
Lasagna night!  with bread, salad                                    9.99
Two large cheesepizzas                                                 16.50
20 oz Miller Draft                                                               2.00